Congratulations on your pregnancy

Now lets help you have the best chance of a healthy and natural pregnancy. On this page you will find a short video about areas of pregnancy we can help with. Simply click on the relevant topic video and if you have further questions or would like to make an appointment you will find the detail below.

Pregnancy Resources - Get help with information regarding your pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful blessing, but it does not always feel that great. If you are pregnant and struggling and would prefer a natural approach - then you might consider speaking with us about your health options. The Perry Centre (formerly Blue Sky Clinic) has since 2005 taken a natural approach to helping women in pregnancy.

Whether you are struggling to hang on to a pregnancy or suffer with morning sickness or would just like to increase your chances of a healthy birth. Below you will find a number of helpful resources that answer some of your questions regarding treatment options and advice.

When you are ready to make an appointment please call us on (02) 6162 4950 or you can book online here or with the button below. We look forward to welcoming you soon.

Pregnancy information and resources - click below for more information

Pregnancy - Congratulations, but it does not always feel as good as it could. In this quick introduction to pregnancy Dr Perry, Perry Centre founder talks us through some of the common complaints and how to address them.

Morning Sickness is one of the most common pregnancy afflictions. How long should you leave it to treat and how can we help here at The Perry Centre? In this short video Dr Perry talks through some treatment options. Click here to find out now.

Birth preparation is by far the best way to prepare your body for going into labour, but if you need to be induced perhaps you could consider a natural and effective solution. Click to learn more - birth preparation and natural induction.

Natural Pain Relief in Labour - a 2 hour workshop for you and your birth partner. Learn how to effectively use acupressure to prepare for birth and reduce labour pain naturally. Click here to book for our next event.