Are You Watching? The Natural Women’s Health Show – Coming soon!

What is The Natural Women's Health Show?

Welcome to the Show. We are just kicking off and wanted to not only welcome you, but encourage you to join us. Please watch the video on the Blog homepage to learn a bit about the show.

Well, in my day to day work I look after couples trying and struggling to conceive. My work with fertility and women’s health has inspired and encouraged me to help as many women and their partners as possible. I can only do so much in the clinic. That is why I am spreading my passion and knowledge to women all around the globe. The amazing thing about our modern world is our ability to reach much further than was ever possible before. For this reason and with these tools I can equally treat patients in my home clinic in Canberra, Australia as I can almost anywhere across the globe that has an internet connection.

The Natural Women’s Health Show is about your health and wellbeing as a women. Nothing is out of bounds. If it affects your health, we will talk about it. If its physical, emotional or spiritual – we will discuss it. Sometimes I will speak with you and I am also really excited to have a number of guests join us. I am going to experiment with the format while we are getting established. So you can expect to see a combination of Blog posts, our internet radio show as well as the live video stream of our Natural Womens Health Show. We will find what works best and would love your feedback as we go about how we are doing, what you would like to know about, guests you would like to see on the show I will personally answer your emails at

Coming up you will also the launch of our brand new digital magazine as well as the Natural Fertility and Women’s Health app.

Its all happening! So lots and lots to look forward to.

So, go to it and subscribe to the blog, just click on the big button at the top and I look forward to seeing you on the show.

Yours in health and wellbeing,



Dr A.C. Perry CMD

Chinese Medicine

p.s. Do you have an idea for the show or a question you would like answered or perhaps someone you think would be good to have on the show? Email me at to have your ideas or questions included on the show!

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